Improve Your Health With Feverfew Tea

The use of herbal teas has been around for centuries. They are mentioned in ancient Egyptian and Chinese texts, and even then their users understood the natural healing powers of certain plants, especially when turned into a potent tea. From relaxing at the end of a day to helping with serious illnesses, there is a tea for virtually any type of health concern. Some are more popular than others, but all of the major herbal teas will provide relief to those who try them, although some may experience the benefits more profoundly than others. Feverfew tea is a tea that has been used for an extremely long time, mainly due to its incredible benefits.

The feverfew plant is very similar to a marigold or dandelion in appearance. It’s very common in nature and even more common in the world of natural healing. Feverfew tea contains numerous active compounds that give it its potency, along with many vitamins and compounds. Drinking it will provide you with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron, Niacin, and various tannins and other chemicals that give it many different properties. It can serve as a sedative, anti-inflammatory, stimulant, and much more. There are numerous specific uses for this tea, all of which are quite common.

Pain Relief

Headaches are one of the most common uses for feverfew tea, and one of its most effective properties. It is commonly utilized to combat minor headaches as well as severe, head splitting migraines. While you should see your doctor if you have regular migraines, treating them is much more difficult and this herbal remedy has been successful for many people. Other pains such as those caused by arthritis and menstrual cramps are also normally relieved somewhat through the use of this tea thanks mainly to its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s even helped some by relieving their toothache pain.

Fever Reducer

Another interesting use for feverfew tea is that it can help to reduce fevers as its name might suggest. If you are looking for a natural remedy that can help with reducing a high fever, this tea may be in your best interest to try.  This tea works on the body in the same manner that an antipyretic would, acting much like a natural aspirin. Feverfew tea is much more soothing than over the counter medications however and comes without side effects, making it an ideal choice for reducing fevers.  Studies have even shown that this tea is actually more effective as a treatment than many over the counter medications.

Relieves Anxiety and Tension

Feverfew tea is also great for relieving anxiety and tension. It can be a good drink to sip on if you are feeling stressed or tense. You can also drink a warm cup of feverfew tea before bed to calm your nerves and help induce a better night’s rest.

Preparation: To prepare feverfew tea, take one tea bag and steep it in a cup of hot water for a period of five to ten minutes. Afterwards honey, sugar, or milk can be added for a more preferable taste if desired.

Feverfew tea may not be as popular as other herbal teas that are available to us, however it has just as much to offer if not more than some of the most popular types. Feverfew tea is a great blend to keep on hand at home as a natural remedy that can help with a variety of common ailments. This particular herbal remedy is usually found in the tea aisle of most local health food stores, however it may be more convenient to purchase this tea online. If you are looking to make a purchase online, we highly recommend Buddha Teas as a reliable vendor that you can trust. Buddha Teas offers 100% organic herbal teas that are packaged in bleach free tea bags so that you can enjoy your teas in a pure form free from any unwanted or harmful chemicals. We truly hope that this article has been able to answer any questions you may have regarding feverfew tea. However, for further questions you are more than welcome to contact us for further information regarding this tea.