Feverfew Tea for Migraines

Over the years, herbal remedies and teas have grown in popularity among those who prefer improving their body through natural methods. As research continues to uncover the benefits of individual herbs teas, it becomes clear that there is a tisane available for almost any situation. In the case of migraines, feverfew tea stands as a highly recommended tea that may be able to help relieve the onset of a headache or migraine.

What Causes Migraines?

Migraines may seem similar to headaches, though generally they are recognized as being more intense and painful. Those who suffer from a migraine generally also experience sensitivity to light and sound. Although there are many things that can trigger a migraine, typical causes are: anxiety, stress, lack of food, insufficient rest, dehydration, hormonal changes, and exposure to intense light. Studies have shown that migraines may also be related to narrowing blood vessels in the head or genetic influences as well. Some migraines can last hours, while others can even drag on for days.

How Feverfew Tea Helps

Many find relief from consistent migraines by drinking feverfew tea regularly. It is best to drink this tea on a daily basis in order to achieve the best results. Feverfew tea is known to contain a compound that works similarly to corticosteroid cortisone, which has been effective in treating feelings of pain. Take note, women who are pregnant or those who are on any medications should avoid feverfew unless they have consulted with a doctor first.